Corset Construction & Materials
What is not seen is more important than what is seen! The corsets are made with 3 layers of fabric. The 2 inside layers that hold the stays and busk are made of sturdy cotton twill. The outer decorative layer is of silk, cotton, leather or other fine fabrics. A 10" steel busk, 20 flexible steel stays, and 6 flat steel stays are used in the corsets. All corsets come with garter loops.

The fancy corsets are laced with satin ribbon. The leather and casual fabrics are laced with black shoestring. The basic corsets are laced with either satin ribbon or shoestring. Please look at the corset's style description to determine which is used in a particular basic style.

New styles are added to the line every 3 to 4 months. From the silk brocades to the casual pinstripes, cottons and leathers, you will find the perfect corset for any occasion, so stay in touch.

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